Deb Kent Gallery of Homes

Deb is equal parts matchmaker, bloodhound, and HGTV host --without the TV crew. Deb's buyers say she really understands their dreams, their must-haves and deal-breakers. Sellers will tell you that she transforms their homes into irresistible delights, and she's been known to find buyers even before her sign goes in the front yard.
Deb Kent: Voted Indy's Best Realtor by readers of NUVO magazine, with her former broker ranked number one among 1,500 agents nationwide, and now in the top tier among over 6,700 Realtors in the Indianapolis Metro area. 
Deb Kent Gallery of Homes: The Art of Real Estate

STAGING - The Art of Real Estate.

We're more than Realtors, we're stagers too. To make our listings irresistible we choose beautiful furniture and decor from our 5,000-square foot warehouse and load it into the beloved Mavis, our 17-foot box truck. Staging, professional magazine quality photography and paid marketing are all offered at NO COST to our sellers. To learn more, click the 'STAGING' tab at the top of the page.



We took the plunge in October of 2015 and launched The Deb Kent Gallery of Homes. Given our obsession with staging and photography, Gallery seemed like the logical choice. Our new brokerage home office is in Narnia, a.k.a. on east end of the Pennsy Trail in Irvington.

In addition to Deb herself, we have Adam "The Nikonographer" Kent-Isaac, who is not only a professional photographer and Realtor, but is immersed in the world of historic home architecture. Then there's Jennifer "The Closer" Gibson, and Dody "The Energizer Bunny" Mariscotti, who's also our chief of operations. Jennifer keeps us LOLing with her creative use of the English language while OCD-ish Dody has accomplished the impossible, bringing order to our 5,000-square-foot staging warehouse. Last, but not least, is Jamie "Never Had a Good Nickname" Willis, part-time artist and full-time Managing Broker.